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Wego Wagon Baby Stroller Folding, Solid Frame Maximum Load 220lb, Lightweight

Wego Wagon Baby Stroller Folding, Solid Frame Maximum Load 220lb, Lightweight

Wego Wagon Baby Stroller Folding, Solid Frame Maximum Load 220lb, Lightweight    Wego Wagon Baby Stroller Folding, Solid Frame Maximum Load 220lb, Lightweight
Welcome to KOSME SMEs, small and medium-sized Enterprises, are small in size but big in potential. To support and facilitate the success of Korean SMEs, KOSME, Small and medium Business Corporation, aims to support such businesses, setting strategic goals of strengthening self-sustainability and promoting globalization in order to help SMEs build a better future for all.

KOSME will achieve world-class product competitiveness in quality and price through continuous innovation. Our R&D team always strives to research, develop and conduct quality improvement efforts, which has made our stroller wagons equipped with distinguishable features our customers need for all types of activities. Now, we are on our journey to take our business to Global Market, enabling our potential customers to adventure our safe and reliable products such as'WEGO' or'PRONTO' wagons. EAN 8809861122027 8809909732737 Package Listing wagon stroller's main unit(back support seat, canopy) leather handle cover, canopy strap, user manual Dimension About 13.6kg The maximum load 100kg Recommended age 3 8 years old Color Black, Beige. Whenever, Wherever, Whoever Wego A non-overwhelming, lightweight 13.6kg wagon that is hassle-free on the go.

The straight-lined suspension applied to the front and rear wheels, can effectively absorb the impact caused by unexpected obstacles or incidents. Pronto is all about easy maneuver of the handles! It is designed with a diagonal frame structure that allows the front wheels to give force to the handle bars, resulting in a smoother and easier ride. Solid frame The'solid frame' that is a seamless structure, was applied to keep the frame stay stable and durable. Pin type wheels The pin type wheels made up of 12 of spokes(a rod that connects the center of a wheel to its rim) supports the load effectively, making sure the tire doesn't deform While giving a smooth and comfy ride feel. 4 wheel suspension & ball bearing Smooth and stable maneuvering is guaranteed thanks to the straight line suspension and ball bearings applied to both of the front and rear wheels. The length-adjustable, sliding type of a canopy that make a debut In a baby wagon stroller market. The canopy uses a single one-touch slide type to push and pull, and always Allow your little ones to see the outside world easily. If you press the lever on both sides, the canopy can come out easily or be folded.

After taking the canopy out, you can keep it in the grocery bag. An intuitive footrest system of Wego Wagon Lift up or down the footrest intuitively with maximum convenience. To keep the interior part of the footrest tidy, there is a Velcro-type, dust releasing slot on the exterior of it. When not using the footrest, you can use the inner seat. [Pronto universal double-sided type cooling seat].

Slim folding & self-standing designs that are good for space saving. Easy to attach/remove wheels, and compact folded size that make it easier to load into the car. If you simply press the buttons, the wheels will come off easily, which is convenient for the wagon being loaded into the car.

Folded wagon size (with wheels) 107 x 65 x 46cm. Folded wagon size (without wheels) 100 x 54 x 32cm. Depending on the models of your car, the load capacity may vary so, please check the trunk size and the folded Wego Wagon size before ordering. Handles that can be adjusted to your most comfortable level.

One-touch foot brake on the go, whenver, wherever The one-touch foot brake will allow you to stop the wagon stroller for emergencies as fast as you can. Wego Wagon safety and convenience with all essential functions equipped.

Using a zip and buckle! Simple fabric separation and washing The easy-to-care, Wego Wagon can be separated easily from the cover fabric for laundry by using a zipper and buckle. We conformed to the safety standard of hazardous substances to make our product safe for children.

To meet the safety criteria set by South Korea, US, and China, we did not add lead(pb), cadmium (Cd), Phthalates plasticizers. Since we don't use those chemicals, there can be minor scratches, marks during the production, testing and packaging processes. So we would like to appreciate your understanding about this matter as it is related to kids' safety and health reasons. It basically makes the plastics softer and bouncy. As this chemical is commonly used in making toy products, it can do much harm in children's growth and health by releasing hormone disruptors.

Currently many countries tightened its regulations on the chemical to deter its use in baby products and toys for safety reasons.

Wego Wagon Baby Stroller Folding, Solid Frame Maximum Load 220lb, Lightweight    Wego Wagon Baby Stroller Folding, Solid Frame Maximum Load 220lb, Lightweight